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Dental, Vision & Hearing

Product Overview

Especially for seniors, issues with their teeth, eyesight and hearing can greatly affect their overall quality of life. Unexpected problems can be painful, inconvenient and expensive — and Original Medicare does not cover typical dental, vision and hearing exams and expenses (nor do Medicare Supplements).

To complete your clients’ coverage, Premier offers a variety of affordable dental, vision and hearing plans that offer immediate access to basic and preventative services. These plans are not tied to any network — so enrollees can choose the provider that they want to see.

Why Agents Offer Dental, Vision & Hearing

Just as dental, vision and hearing plans aren’t the best fit for every client, they aren’t always the best fit for Agents. Consider these questions:

  • Are these plans beneficial for the people in your community and the areas you serve?
  • Do you offer similar/competitive products?

There are many compelling reasons to offer dental, vision and hearing plans, such as:

  • You can help families with some of the most difficult decisions of their life
  • You can provide your clients with peace of mind, as they will know they have a health plan behind them
  • You’ll be serving the needs of your clients and community
  • You can offer a profitable product that will help your bottom line

How to Get Started with Dental, Vision & Hearing

If you decide to offer dental, vision and hearing plans, we recommend talking to someone from the Medicare Advisors team of experts. They’ll provide answers to your questions, and have tools available to support your new product offering.

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