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Why You Should Work With A Single FMO

“After vetting a number of small and large FMOs, our agency decided to go with NCC and haven’t looked back! We have all of our contracts with NCC and there is no reason to look elsewhere. This FMO has provided real value, guidance, and incentives to our team. You’re not just a number to them. They have built lasting relationships with us and we are very pleased to be working with them.”
Jay, an agent in Georgia

Why Work With Just One FMO? Get the facts from NCC’s founder, Jerold Johnson:

I recently talked to an agent in Nevada that proudly told me he works with eight different FMOs. Here is why that is such a bad idea: not one of those eight FMOs knows his name! Let me explain.

A very good agent may be doing 12-15 Medicare apps per month, but they may have it spread out across six different FMOs. If you look at the example below, this agent could easily be making $3,000-$4,000 or more monthly in new business plus renewals.

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